MINING – Fuli Gemstones invites industry experts to visit world’s largest known peridot deposit, in China


Miner Fuli Gemstones invited industry experts to visit its Yiqisong Nanshan mine, the world’s largest known peridot deposit, in Jilin, China, from July 18-22, 2023.

A coming together of minds, including professors, geologists, gemmologists, innovators in blockchain and ESG, mining specialists, designers, jewellery specialists and writers, led to captivating discussions helping shape the future of peridot and its associated minerals, olivine and basalt.

MINING – Fuli Gemstones invites industry experts to visit world’s largest known peridot deposit, in China

Fuli’s objective has been to further educate the industry and consumers on this significant, natural gemstone and its by-products.

MINING – Fuli Gemstones invites industry experts to visit world’s largest known peridot deposit, in China

China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

Fuli Gemstones hosted the China University of Geosciences (Beijing), led by Professor Guo Ying. The long-term goal is to establish a comprehensive system including, but not limited to: source identification of peridot from the Yiqisong region, traceability of other origins, colour appearance, clarity and fire, cutting and brilliance, comprehensive quality, naming, and instant verification. Thereby constructing a Chinese peridot standard matrix within the peridot industry. Not only does this afford a better understanding of peridot globally, but it also allows for students at the University to learn hands on in the field and gain a solid education whilst learning.

China University of Geosciences (Beijing) is one of the earliest institutions in China to offer gemmological education and establish a major in gemmology. In September 1995, this university formally established the School of Gemmology, which consists of administrative offices, student affairs group, Gemmology Department, Art and Design Department, Art and Technology Department, Experimental Teaching and Research Centre, Northland Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre for Jewelry, Northland Jewelry Creative Design Centre, and Northland Jewelry Exhibition Centre. Among them, the Gemmology Experimental Teaching Centre is a demonstration centre for experimental teaching in Beijing and is equipped with 12 independent functional laboratories, including a spectroscopy laboratory, a compositional analysis laboratory, a structure and morphology observation laboratory, and an advanced jewellery manufacturing laboratory, as well as a gem identification laboratory, a diamond grading laboratory, a jewellery wax carving laboratory, a jewellery metalworking laboratory, a gemstone processing laboratory, and a jade carving laboratory. The scientific research of the school mainly focuses on gemstone identification, gemstone enhancement, gemstone deposits, jewellery evaluation and trade, design and processing of gemstone materials, jewellery design, intelligent manufacturing, and other fields. The school possesses a leading gem colour research team in China, led by Professor Guo Ying, and has strong research and innovation capabilities in the field of gemstone colour, placing it in a leading position worldwide.

Scientific Understanding

Along with the professors from the China University of Geosciences, Beijing, Professor Andy Shen, Gemmological Institute, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, joined to further his already solid knowledge of peridot from this locality. Professor Shen has had an illustrious career, having worked in research for the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology. Professor Shen has conducted research on peridot from China and the pallasite peridot, the Esquel meteorite discovered in Argentina.                                                                                                                                                

Sustainable Fashion

Fuli Gemstones invited Professor Sun Jie, from the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, to join the visit. He has worked in academies and institutions in the Netherlands and Denmark, focusing on the research, planning and practice of contemporary fashion. He has won a number of important overseas awards, and his works are on permanent display in 6 world-class art museums, including:  the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada, the Royal Kolding Museum in Denmark, the CODA Art Museum in the Netherlands, the Houston Museum of Art in the United States, and the Design Museum in Barcelona. 

MINING – Fuli Gemstones invites industry experts to visit world’s largest known peridot deposit, in China

Fuli’s Future: Environmental, Social, and Governance

Also joining the group was Leanne Kemp, CEO of Everledger, a prominent figure in the technology sector and a co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the Future of Manufacturing. Leanne has taken part in the Global Future Council on Blockchain and also held roles within the Global Blockchain Business Council and the World Trade Board’s Sustainable Trade Action Group. Leanne will be working closely with Fuli, helping shape and report on its ESG goals.

Accompanying Leanne, was Frank Li, Senior Geologist, from SRK Consulting. Frank was part of the SRK team that conducted the original geological survey of Fuli’s peridot mine, and was on hand to provide invaluable insights about the geology of the mine. Joining Leanne and Frank, was Robert Gessner, a Senior Geologist, now based in the USA, with prior ‘hands-on’ experience in underground mining of emeralds in Zambia and Tanzanite. Aiming for a zero waste, zero carbon mining operation, ensuring governance and auditing of the mining operation is key in achieving Fuli’s ESG goals.

Jewellery and Gemstone Education

The visit wouldn’t have made sense without the presence of jewellery expert Joanna Hardy, who is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, lecturer, author, and Trade Warden of The Goldsmiths’ Company.

Joanna has delved deep into the history of peridot, providing insights into the gemstone. The mine site visit ensured Joanna received first hand experience of the peridot mine, bringing history and science together in one forum.

Shenzhen Jewelry Museum: Hope for the Future: 3 Remarkable Materials: Peridot, Olivine & Basalt

Following the mine site visit, attendees of the trip were taken to Shenzhen, for the opening of the Shenzhen Jewelry Museum Peridot exhibition. This immersive showcase, launched to celebrate peridot, runs from 18th July to 10th October, 2023.

Exhibits illustrate the formation and geology of Fuli’s peridot, and incorporate an array of innovative jewellery creations including designers from China and around the world.             


Fuli Gemstones Yiqisong Nanshan mine is located in the foothills of the tranquil Changbai Mountains and is the largest known peridot deposit in the world. Fuli Gemstones is resolute in the offering of a consistent supply of peridot gemstones with full traceability, adhering to safety standards for its mining production.

The mine produces three remarkable materials; high quality peridot as its main product, and olivine, a ‘smart’ mineral — one tonne of olivine sand can take in up to one tonne of CO2, depending on the conditions — and basalt, a farmer’s friend: applying basalt rock dust provides a steady nutrient flow to farm fields as it decomposes and sequesters carbon.

The vision of Fuli Gemstones is to become a leading global producer and supplier of quality peridot gemstones, and to build the most innovative, creative, and environmentally responsible gemstone mining company in the world.

MINING – Fuli Gemstones invites industry experts to visit world’s largest known peridot deposit, in China