Myne London partners with LA jeweller Octavia Elizabeth to provide ethical and traceable emeralds


London-based emerald supplier and bespoke fine jeweller, Myne London, has announced a partnership with LA-based business Octavia Elizabeth to supply the brand with ethical, sustainable and traceable emeralds.

Myne London offers a traceable route to market for emeralds from Swat Valley, Pakistan, whilst providing opportunities for women local to the region within the gemstone trade. The business focuses on promoting women’s empowerment through access to education, training and skilled employment supported by the region’s high-quality emerald melee, as well as the creation of Swat Valley emerald bespoke jewellery and collaborations with international jewellery brands and designers.

opportunities for women

Myne London co-founders and sisters, Fiona Wellington and Kate Murray Gordos, spent their childhood in Pakistan and have first-hand experience of the region. In 2018, they worked with gemmologists to determine the quality of emeralds mined in the little-known Swat Valley region and developed a sustainable and responsible method for presenting these gemstones to the world.

Both Myne London and Octavia Elizabeth are committed to working sustainably and ethically while supporting women’s opportunities in mining regions. This new collaboration reflects these shared goals and aids consumer understanding of transparent supply chains and ‘short’ routes to market through trusted, responsible sources.

Fiona Wellington, Co-Founder of Myne London, says: “We have long been fans of Octavia Elizabeth and the brand’s cool and rugged yet luxurious style, coupled with Octavia’s personal commitment to excellence in the materials she uses. We are thrilled to work with her and see our beautiful Swat Valley emeralds in her creations. Women who wear Octavia Elizabeth jewellery can be confident that their purchase is from a responsible source and really empowering women.”

Octavia Zamagias, Founder of Octavia Elizabeth, says: “I am incredibly proud to be partnering with the female founders of Myne London. They are supporting local women and bring a refreshing transparency to emerald sourcing.”

Moving forward, Octavia Elizabeth will source all emeralds for its best-selling Nesting Gem Collection exclusively from Myne London to offer extra assurances and peace of mind to its socially conscious consumer base. This move ensures Myne London emeralds will be accessible to customers via leading e-commerce platforms, including Net-A-Porter Sustain, Moda Operandi and The Vault from August 2021.

Myne London