NAJ action budget for Christmas PR campaign


The UK’s National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has announced it has actioned a significant fund to deliver a targeted press and PR advertising campaign to influence the general public to buy jewellery this Christmas.

The Campaign will be delivered by an external PR agency, for a five-figure sum, to influence a targeted group in society to browse and ultimately buy more jewellery this Christmas.

The NAJ is now asking its members to complete a short poll to prioritise their target Christmas customer segments for the campaign. The poll closes at midday on Monday 21st September and will directly influence the PR campaign’s specific brief.

The direct press and PR campaign was presented as a recommendation in the recent NAJ Report “The role of Jewellery in the lives of UK consumers”, a report that was supported by The CMJ and The Goldsmiths’ Company.

Speaking about the campaign, Chair of the NAJ Consumer Focus Group Adam Jacobs said:

“This campaign is arriving at a time when the trade really needs it. As a jewellery retailer, I understand how important Christmas is to business, and with events of the last 6 months this years’ festive trading is all the more important. A good retail Christmas boosts the entire supply chain, and all linked services to the industry, such as valuations.

“Many Christmas marketing campaigns start in just 6 to 8 weeks, so we have to move on this rapidly. It’s important members of the NAJ take the time to fill in the short poll, to tell us who they think should be targeted with the campaign.”

The campaign follows the development of other member benefits brought forward to support trade activity; the Find a Jeweller tool, a new Trendspot blog and the launching of the NAJ’s Member Marketplace.

Ben Massey, Director of Marketing at the NAJ said:

“Right now, we’re determined to best support members the best we can. We continue to monitor COVID-19 advice in case further action is needed for the SiteSafe or StoreSafe COVID 19 guidance and associated training courses, as well as provide materials such as The Yearbook and The Jeweller to profile new collections with a reduced number of events taking place.

“It’s important we get input from members on who to target with this campaign, but it’s also important members update their Find a Jeweller profile as this is where we direct any jeweller enquiries, from the trade or from the buying public.”

The Association is also exploring opportunities to collaborate with other industry bodies to deliver a joint sustained campaign throughout 2021 to best support the industry after Christmas 2020.

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NAJ action budget for Christmas PR campaign
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