NAJ CONFERENCE – Fei Liu describes his journey as a jewellery designer


NAJ CONFERENCE – Fei Liu describes his journey as a jewellery designer

By David Brough

LOUGHBOROUGH, England, September 16, 2019 – Fei Liu, in an address to the NAJ conference, spoke about his career as a jewellery designer, and underlined the importance of giving top-notch customer service to clients in order to trigger repeat orders.

“To grow trust is not simply via one purchase,” he said in a presentation to delegates on the final day of the three-day NAJ conference.

“A good design not only makes the customer happy, but can also contribute to furthering the business,” he added.

“Customers’ satisfaction with the designer leads them to keep coming back.”

The award-winning Birmingham-based designer exports high-value precious jewellery to markets including China and the United States, and is widely stocked in the UK.

In another keynote address, NAJ Chair Harriet Kelsall, who has built up a successful bespoke retail jewellery enterprise, gave helpful tips to delegates about how to improve networking and develop their businesses.

A question-and-answer session featuring a panel of registered valuers, responded to concerns about appropriate markups for loose diamonds, and a series of workshops took place to boost members’ education, including a class about coloured gemstones given by respected gemmologist Kerry Gregory.

NAJ Chair Harriet Kelsall gave tips to jewellers to develop their businesses

Fei Liu addresses NAJ conference


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