NAJ members selected as winners of Digital Cash survey


NAJ members selected as winners of Digital Cash survey

January 2018 – Ten NAJ members had a happy Christmas surprise after being randomly selected as winners of the Digital Cash survey. Dash, the headline sponsor of the 2017 NAJ Awards, sent the survey to NAJ members in November.

Phil Sylvester, owner of Sylvesters the Jewellers in Kenilworth, was the lucky first prize winner of 5 Dash, currently nearly £4,000 in value.

“I`m absolutely thrilled and may consider accepting Dash in the future.  I know from talking with Stuart that Dash want to do further work around the public’s perception about cryptocurrencies so they become less mysterious and more mainstream. This will help businesses in the UK wanting to adopt this new digital cash.”

NAJ members selected as winners of Digital Cash survey Phil Sylvester with his Dash wallet

Thanking all NAJ members who participated in the survey, Stuart Bean, on behalf of Dash, said:

“These issues identified by Phil are themes mirrored in the Dash survey, along with a real interest across members in learning more about Dash and some wanting to integrate Dash into their business. The results of the survey will inform next steps for Dash in helping to embed this cryptocurrency into the UK gold and jewellery industry.”

A further 9 runners up were winners of 2 Dash each.  This included Rafael Schouchana, of The Fine Finder, who said: “I founded The Fine Finder with the goal of improving the access to Brazilian fine jewellery for customers from all over the world.

“Our curators are always on the look for new collections, new designers, fashion and jewellery trends.

“As a pure online player, we are always careful with reducing friction, improving customer experience, while keeping our store safe from fraud.

“Being the first NAJ member to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, we are pleased to create a safer online boutique for both our clients and ourselves and we look forward to working with Dash in the future.”

Adam Jacobs of Jacobs The Jewellers in Reading said:

“I was delighted to win 2 Dash as part of the recent competition. Up until now I had only won a single item –  a lady’s portable umbrella – so this represents a big change in fortune. Thanks to Dash and NAJ.”