NAJ to host Diversity and Inclusivity ‘Better Business’ webinar


Featuring speakers Nyasha Pitt, Anna Blackburn and Tarnya Brink, the April NAJ live will focus on diversity and inclusion to help encourage conversations on the topic within UK jewellery businesses. 

Starting at 10am on the 29th April, the next NAJ Live online webinar will focus on encouraging conversations with respect to diversity and inclusion, structured in line with the Association’s Better Business pillars of compliance, profit and sustainability, with three separate speakers sharing guidance and experiences for each pillar.

After the presentations have been made, attendees will be able to join break out conversation bubbles to network and share experiences.

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NAJ to host Diversity and Inclusivity ‘Better Business’ webinar

Nyasha Pitt, a marketing and communications specialist and equality, diversity and inclusion consultant will host the event, as well as deliver a presentation on how diversity and inclusion can add value to the bottom line as well as to the business.

Nyasha will also offer some counsel on the best ways to approach this nuanced subject, provide advice on how to avoid making costly mistakes and suggest some practical steps that any retailer can take to simultaneously improve their diversity and inclusion credibility and balance sheet.

Covering the compliance Better Business pillar is Tarnya Brink, HR expert from award-winning people and technology advisory firm AdvoGroup. As part of exploring the difference between equal opportunity, diversity, and workplace inclusion, Tarnya will explain the 2010 Equality Act and describe what positive action looks like in a business. As well as providing resources and links, Tarnya will also share how jewellers can be pro-active in a small business environment.

Anna Blackburn, managing director of Beaverbrooks the jewellers, will then take part in a Q&A session with Nyasha. As part of the Q&A, Anna will share some insight and experiences reflecting on the approach taken by the family jeweller, learnings from conversations and how these have positively affected the business and bottom line.

NAJ Lives are accessible to members of the Association, as well as a limited number of guest places.

What are NAJ Lives?

The NAJ Live ‘with bubbles’ is a simple format of presentations from 3 industry experts, introduced and questioned by a knowledgeable guest host. The presentations are then followed up with a chance to see and hear from others on the call through ‘a bubble’ discussion; a structured video conference call hosted by an NAJ representative and guest speakers.

When’s the next NAJ Live?

Digital NAJ Lives with bubbles take place on the last Thursday of the month, starting at 10am and moving into bubble discussions at midday. Members can register as many employees to view and replay the webinars as they see fit, although it’s important to note you can only participate in the bubbles on the day (and to be entered into the prize draw for the bottle of champagne!).NAJ to host Diversity and Inclusivity ‘Better Business’ webinar