Natural Diamond Council celebrates the powerful bond of female friendship


As we enter Women’s History Month this March, Natural Diamond Council (NDC) is honoring the powerful bond of female friendship with actress Ana de Armas.

Signifying friendships with jewelry is a tradition from childhood—best friends holding a fragment of each other’s heart close by.

Similar to how our friendships mature over time, trading the jagged hearts for sparkling diamonds is the perfect expression of closeness.

Ana de Armas

From sharing secrets in a relaxed embrace to playfully racing toward a setting sun, Ana and her friend flash layers of diamond tennis bracelets and talismanic diamond charms.

Each individual piece carries a personal significance only friends would understand.

NDC Official Partners  NDC Official Partners 

As an official partner, you are able to use and leverage these beautiful assets.

NDC is pleased to announce this month the onboarding of&nbsp;London Jewelers, Lux, Bond & GreenDays Jewelers, <stronWalte</stronrs & Hogsett Jewelers, <stronHyde Park, Heller Jewelers, <stronUnderwood’s Jewelers, and Marquitte’s Exquisite Jewelry. NDC would like to thank its partners for their dedication to the diamond dream.</stron</stron

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