Natural Diamond Council (NDC) introduces Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative


In a joint commitment to a more equitable future for the diamond jewelry industry, the Natural Diamond Council and U.S. jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz, are pleased to introduce the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative.

With the allocation of $1 million dollars of diamond credit, this program will provide opportunities, remove barriers to entry, and offer unparalleled access to industry education and resources to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) jewelry designers.

The diamond industry can be difficult to navigate for a new designer. Without a previous history with suppliers, or references in the industry, it can be challenging to purchase diamonds. The NDC’s program aims to help designers establish credit in their own names and understand the process of diamond financing, credit and memo terms.

The Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative’s goal is to expand the number of BIPOC diamond jewelry businesses and help those already established to grow. Designers will participate in customized mentorship and education sessions, new marketing opportunities, and gain supply chain and production know-how and resources. Pricing strategy advice and diamond tutorials will also be provided.


A $20,000 credit will be offered to each designer and the Natural Diamond Council will stand as a guarantor with the diamond suppliers. Once credit and relationships are established, the designers will have access to diamonds from NDC and Lorraine Schwartz’s partners along with their wide networks and resources.

A selection committee including Lorraine Schwartz, celebrity stylist, Jason Rembert; fashion director of Vanity Fair, Nicole Chapoteau and NDC CEO, David Kellie will review designer applications until the $1 million diamond credit has been fully allocated.

Designers will be encouraged to utilize a variety of diamonds including those of differing colors and sizes, in order to celebrate the uniqueness of natural diamonds. Designers who do not presently work with diamonds are encouraged to apply.  Applicants must be U.S. based and in business for at least one year and provide a business plan that outlines their operations to date and future goals.  Sketches will be required along with a description of how diamonds will be incorporated into designs.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding the application process.

Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative by NDC