NEW TECHNOLOGIES – Laser technology specialists Needham Laser Technologies launches retail-ready laser engravers


Laser technology specialists Needham Laser has launched retail-ready laser engravers for commercial creatives to provide next-level customer experience through personalisation and more.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES – Laser technology specialists Needham Laser Technologies launches retail-ready laser engravers

The create. and create pro. have been designed and developed in the UK. The new retail-ready equipment enables businesses to offer quick and easy etching, marking or engraving services for personalisation, branding and creative design onto a wide variety of products, including jewellery, cosmetics, promotional goods and gifts.

The laser engravers have been specially created to seamlessly fit into retail and workshop environments. The simple operating functions allow for unique personalisation on a range of materials, including silver, gold, copper, steel, glass, painted surfaces and various plastics. Systems are contained within a compact case, which can be custom wrapped to match any brand or business.

Birmingham’s Assay Office, which is responsible for quality assurance testing and hallmarking precious metal items, has implemented the technology. ChloBo, Benefit and ghd are also among some of the brands that already utilise Needham’s personalisation systems.

Hannah Ellis, Head of Sales and Marketing at The Needham Group, said: “As consumers are increasingly looking to buy, give and receive personalised items and gifts, we recognised a need for a quick, easy and sustainable approach to offering a next-level customer experience service, all within a small and stylish casement for their shop floor. Laser engraving allows businesses the opportunity to add value to the original product by offering personalisation as an add-on with minimal impact on their carbon footprint.

“What’s more, with pressure growing for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, laser engraving personalisation generates less waste than other forms of personalisation as there are no additional materials required within the process. When engraving, the laser simply concentrates on the area where it is focused on to create the required design.”

The create. range powered by Needham Laser Technologies is an official Made in Britain manufacturer, which recognises manufacturing of very high standards in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Both the create. and create pro. laser engravers are thoroughly assessed here in the UK for compliance with necessary directives and standards – not all imported laser systems are subject to the same level of regulation.

Examples of the types of products that can be personalised with a fibre laser engraver include rings, bracelets, lockets, watches, glasses, packaging, pens, water bottles, keyrings and so much more.

The create. and create pro. launch will be exclusively showcased at Spring Fair 2023 between 5th-8th February. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the lasers in action, talk to laser-engraving experts and see a demonstration of how easy it is to personalise various products. Needham Laser Tech is encouraging visitors and exhibitors of the fair to bring products to their stand (2K58 MODA) to try laser engraving first-hand onto their products.