About J, Domenico Girardi, General Manager of the Vicenza Fair


About J event for top buyers set for May 2010

By Amanda Grateley
Domenico Girardi, general manager of the Vicenza Fair
Domenico Girardi, general manager of the Vicenza Fair
VICENZA, September 13, 2009 – The About J prestige event for top jewellery buyers is expected to take place in Venice in May 2010, Domenico Girardi, general manager of the Vicenza Fair, which sponsors the event, told a news conference today.
Officials at Vicenza fair said the event was set to take place from May 19-21, 2010, just before the May 2010 “Charm” edition of the Vicenza fair.
In the past two years since its launch, About J, which invites some of the world’s top jewellery buyers, took place in Milan.
There had been talk in fine jewellery circles that About J could be held in Dubai, but now the Vicenza Fair is considering, when economic conditions improve, taking part in an event in the Middle East to help promote sales of top-end Italian jewellery in the region.
“When the crisis is over, we’re thinking of having an event in the Gulf,” Girardi said.
“We think the Middle East will be the region where the recovery will be quickest, especially for top of the range items,” he said.
The Vicenza fair is also focusing increasingly on China and India as potential growth markets for Italian jewellery.
“We believe Italian jewellery will have a strong impact on the young Chinese generations,” Girardi said.
“There is a generation of young Indian and Chinese people who have a taste for Italian design.”



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