Joyalukkas wins best Asian jewellery store award in UAE


DUBAI, December 7, 2008 – The Dubai-based Joyalukkas Group won ‘Best Asian Jewellery Store’ at the Ahlan Masala Lifestyle Awards ceremony in Dubai this month.

The first awards to celebrate the success of Asians in the UAE, was held to recognise the outstanding achievements of people from various industries.

Joy Alukkas, Chairman of Joyalukkas Group, personally received the award for the Best Asian Jewellery Store.

“Our endeavour to always be customer focused is the reason for our ongoing success and we will continue to be so at various levels be it product development or introducing new initiatives,” Joy Alukkas said.


Joy Alukkas, chairman, Joyalukkas Group, receiving the Best Asian Jewellery Store award

Over the past years, the Joyalukkas Group has launched a number of initiatives in the UAE as well as in the Gulf Cooperation Countries that have raised its brand identity.
This includes new jewellery designs as well as promotions and service related products.
Joyalukkas entered the UAE jewellery industry 20 years ago and today caters to the country’s melting pot of nationalities.  Today Joyalukkas has over 70 stores in the Middle East and India.