Global Jewellery News-HRD Antwerp D-Screen available at diamond bourses


HRD Antwerp D-Screen available at diamond bourses

ANTWERP, July 23, 2009 – Following the fraudulent certificates alert issued by the diamond dealers club of South Africa last week, HRD Antwerp wishes to inform the diamond community that its D-Screen has been distributed to all diamond bourses worldwide.
The compact screening device for treated and synthetic diamonds is available for any diamond dealer wishing to test diamonds on the trade floor, HRD Antwerp said in a statement.
The D-Screen is the first compact, affordable device able to distinguish natural from synthetic colourless or near-colourless polished diamonds.
The D-Screen indicates if a polished diamond is natural and has not been subjected to colour enhancement.
Synthetic diamonds and diamonds subjected to a HPHT-treatment are instantly detected. The technology used is based on optical measurement by projecting shortwave UV radiation through the diamond.
The D-Screen’s range covers all polished diamonds from 0.2 ct up to 10 ct in the colours D to J. This encompasses the bulk of gem grade diamonds.