Assay Office London invests in smelting equipment


Assay Office London invests in smelting equipment

LONDON, January 19, 2010 – The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office London has invested in new state-of-the-art large capacity smelting equipment in response to the increasing demand for scrap metal.
This demand has been brought about by the soaring prices for precious metals, particularly gold, and consequently the market for reclamation of scrap and unwanted items has never been so strong.
A quick internet search reveals countless companies willing to buy scrap gold for cash, and most jewellers on the high street will now buy unwanted precious metal items.
These companies need this scrap metal smelted into bars and analysed before they can sell it on.
In order to service this increased demand for smelting requirements, Assay Office London has invested in larger capacity smelting equipment allowing up to 12kgs* per melt.

The brand new induction furnace, the latest in modern technology, allows safe, quick and very thorough metal mixing ensuring accurate assay results every time.
Building on the laboratory of Assay Office London’s extensive experience in the field of precious metal analysis, the melt and assay service produces a homogenous bar from the scrap material.
The bar is then analysed and assayed using the most suitable method.
A numbered certificate of analysis is produced detailing the content of the bar along with its weight and the customer’s details and the bar is stamped with a unique identification code traceable back to the certificate.
This ensures that the certificate and the bar can be cross referenced with each other. The bar can now be offered for sale without the need for further testing.
Using Assay Office London’s melt and assay service is simple, and no appointment is necessary.

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After completing a Hallnote listing what is required, and giving the customer’s details, the items can be submitted at the main office at Goldsmiths’ Hall or at the Greville Street sub-office.
The offices are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Items to be processed can also be posted.
On receipt, the parcel is allocated a Unique Reference Number, and the customer is contacted when the process is completed.
*For gold and silver only. Up to 2kgs for platinum and palladium or any mixes containing these metals.