Ari Epstein becomes CEO at Antwerp World Diamond Centre


Ari Epstein becomes CEO at Antwerp World Diamond Centre

Antwerp, January 20, 2011 – Ari Epstein has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).
Mr. Epstein served for two years as the AWDC’s Deputy CEO.

He joined the organisation in 2005 as Director of the Diamond Office, which provides customs services on behalf of the Belgian government.
A lawyer by training, before joining the diamond sector, Mr. Epstein specialised in international taxation and corporate law.

Discussing the role of the AWDC, which serves as the primary umbrella organisation and service provider for the Antwerp diamond industry, Mr. Epstein says its chief responsibility is to facilitate business and create opportunities.

“Antwerp has led the world diamond industry for generations, and I see AWDC’s role as maintaining and enhancing our leadership status in the next decade and beyond.
“The AWDC must represent the diamond industry in its position as a major contributor to the Belgian economy and a key to growth and employment in many regions around the world.”
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