New building for BASELWORLD 2013: topmost point reached


New building for BASELWORLD 2013: topmost point reached

BASEL, November 17, 2011 – After only four months’ construction work, the steel structure for the building over Exhibition Square for BASELWORLD 2013 is now in place.
The topmost point of the impressive hall complex has thus been reached. The building work is progressing on schedule.
New building for BASELWORLD 2013: topmost point reached

The new building at the Basel Exhibition is visibly taking shape. The centrepiece of the new hall complex for BASELWORLD 2013 has now been erected: the 32-metre high construction over Exhibition Square. The steel structure is in place for the two exhibition storeys, both with a height of 8 metres, which are being built above the 10-metre-high “City Lounge”.
In the course of the first main construction phase, the basic supports for the new building were installed in summer 2011 at the corner of Hall 3 and the corner of the entrance zone to Hall 1. Since September 2011, a total of 2,600 tons of steel girders have been welded and screwed together. In parallel, more than 2,300 tons of concrete slabs have been installed for the hall floors.
New building for BASELWORLD 2013: topmost point reached
At the moment, the roof is being put on and the shell of the building erected. At the same time, the facing around the atrium is being installed, as well as the technical systems for the building. After BASELWORLD 2012, a start will be made on the second main construction phase: between April 2012 and February 2013, Hall 3 and the entrance zone of Hall 1 will be demolished and the new building completed.
BASELWORLD 2012 not affected
The staging of the next BASELWORLD (8 to 15 March 2012) will not be affected by the building work. The customary sectors at BASELWORLD will be retained for 2012. All the halls and hall entrances to date will be available in the same way as for previous years.


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