Diamond industry to be well-represented at BASELWORLD


Diamond industry to be well-represented at BASELWORLD

BASEL, October 29, 2009 – More than 200 leading companies from the diamond industry will be presenting their latest products to the 90,000 visitors and the watch and jewellery manufacturers at BASELWORLD 2010.
The diamond and precious stones sector is acquiring increased importance alongside the watch and jewellery industries.

Diamond industry to be well-represented at BASELWORLD
On the exhibitor side, the world’s leading diamond traders will be present in Basel: more than 200 companies are listed as diamond suppliers at the World Watch and Jewellery Show, which will run from March 18-25, 2010.
“Of all the trade shows, BASELWORLD claims the most international visitor profile. It provides us with a balanced worldwide view of the market,” said Peter Martin of Pluczenik Diamond Company in Antwerp.
“We gain insight into the views of customers from Asia, the Middle East, Japan, Europe and still a lot of U.S. clients as well. It is unquestionably the best show for opportunities to make new contacts. At Basel, you have to be there; the walk-ins are better than any other show.”

Anna Chapovskaya from Taché Diamonds in Antwerp said: “We attend important sales shows in Asia and India, but BASELWORLD is a vital show for maintaining and creating contacts all over the world.”
Platform for Market Introductions
BASELWORLD is a preferred platform for launching new products on the world market.
Diamond industry to be well-represented at BASELWORLD
Comprehensive reporting in the media is assured by the 3,000 accredited journalists from specialist journals, popular magazines and the daily media.
“We have chosen BASELWORLD as the place to launch our partnerships with FRED and Chaumet in recent years,” said Peter Martin of Pluczenik.
“The timing of the show is perfect for launches. The year is beginning, past collections have had their run-through and visitors are looking for something new.
“We are also able to reach the widest range of journalists – both geographically and by audience.”
BASELWORLD has traditionally been a key venue for big or unusual diamonds which attract an international clientele on the lookout for special precious stones.
More modest stones are also on display, however, giving buyers the opportunity to be the first to see new products and to supplement their inventory at all the different levels.
Ephram Zion of Dehres Ltd. in Hong Kong, said, “If you want to showcase something special, BASELWORLD is a great stage; it’s possible to create a lot of buzz.”

Diamond industry to be well-represented at BASELWORLD
His company is planning to exhibit an exceptionally large, flawless diamond this year.
“But even for regular goods it is important, especially if you have a particular program you want to promote.”
Avi Paz, President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and President of the Israel Diamond Exchange, said, “BASELWORLD is by all means one of the most important diamond and Jewellery fairs in the world, and it is the most important one in Europe.
“It has a very strong impact on the diamond industry worldwide both in regular times and especially in times such as we are facing nowadays in the international economy.”