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First British Jewellery Week to launch in June 2010

Tomasz Donocik gold silver phoenix ring

Tomasz Donocik’s gold, silver, phoenix ring
March 13, 2010 – The first British Jewellery Week will see jewellery retailers holding two-week selling exhibitions across the UK from 16 June 2010.
British Jewellery Week 2010 will launch at jewellery retailer Furr & Co. in Hungerford, Berkshire, in southern England on 16 June before starting a national tour that takes British design talent to jewellery stores and boutiques across the country.
British Jewellery Week is about supporting talent and celebrating UK design.
British Jewellery Week 2010 will be fronted by three ambassadors of British jewellery design: Tomasz Donocik, Lauren Adriana and Jasmine Alexander.
British Jewellery Week will be represented at London Jewellery Week’s Treasure exhibition, where their work will be shown.
About the ambassadors:
Lauren Adriana
Lauren Adriana’s collection
Since graduating from London’s Royal College of Art, Tomasz Donocik has designed for Stephen Webster, De Beers and leading international companies. His edgy collections have already won awards and have been featured in magazines, including Vogue and Vanity Fair.
Lauren Adriana has a diploma in Gemmology and a degree in Jewellery Design from renowned London art college Central Saint Martins. She designs one-off, elegant pieces that hark back to the golden age of cocktail jewellery. She has consulted for luxury brand Fendi and has also worked alongside British designer Paul Smith.
Jasmine Alexander’s work is inspired by poetry, eccentricity and luxury. She has been tipped as “the next big thing by the national press” and has been described as the jewellery equivalent of Vivienne Westwood because of her stark individuality and unique creativity.


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