Diamonds, Marijan Dundek, Mandarin, book


“Diamonds” Chinese edition published

Marijan Dundek
LONDON, September 15, 2010 – Following the success of two previous editions, “Diamonds”, by Marijan Dundek, a beautifully illustrated guide to diamonds, is now available in Mandarin.
With China rapidly becoming the most dynamic diamond market in the world, this best-selling book aims to provide Chinese consumers with all the practical information they need for assessing the quality and value of these precious gems.
The book has been well-received by organisations and individuals throughout the diamond industry, and has been praised for its comprehensiveness and clear and accessible language.
As well as all the basic information about the 4Cs and diamond grading systems, the book includes recent developments in the diamond industry and a special feature on one of the world’s most remarkable recently discovered diamonds, the Lesotho Promise.
Readers will especially welcome the chapter on natural coloured diamonds, with all the main colour groups illustrated and explained.
Diamonds, Marijan Dundek, Mandarin, book
Yello Ring,  Graff Diamonds

Diamonds, Marijan Dundek, Mandarin, book
Princess Rose 12.82 ct, Graff Diamonds

Diamonds, Marijan Dundek, Mandarin, book
Uncut Lesotho Promise – 603 ct, Graff Diamonds

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