Diamonds author Marijan Dundek, mines in the Marange region of Zimbabwe


Author warns against complacency over diamond ethics

Diamonds author Marijan Dundek, mines in the Marange region of Zimbabwe

LONDON, November 14, 2010 – “Diamonds” author Marijan Dundek has appealed for stringent efforts to ensure the ethical production of diamonds, in light of concerns over conditions in the mines in the Marange region of Zimbabwe.
“The diamond industry cannot afford to become complacent, and must continue to make progress in ensuring that every single diamond is ethically produced,” Dundek said in a talk on “The Magical World of Diamonds”, which took place in the Hatton Garden diamond jewellery district on November 9.
The Kimberley Process certification scheme was launched by the United Nations in 2003 to prevent diamond sales being used to finance conflict.
“The agreement has been very successful in tackling the problem of ‘blood diamonds’. However, recently the Kimberley Process has been criticized for failing to tackle other human rights violations, mainly in the mines in Zimbabwe,” Dundek said.
“Calls for the reform of the scheme are becoming more urgent.”
A meeting of the KP, which took place in Israel from November 1-4, 2010, was not able to reach an agreement regarding the export of diamonds originated in Marange.
Differing views among participants prevented the plenary from reaching a consensus-based conclusion as to whether Zimbabwe had in fact implemented the minimum KP standards in the diamond fields of Marange.
Dundek said, “It is the duty of every one of us in the diamond trade to promote good practice and ethical business standards.”
Dundek’s book “Diamonds”, written in clear, concise language, with full colour illustrations, aims to help the reader acquire a basic knowledge of diamonds and an understanding of the main factors that determine their quality and value.
“Diamonds” is aimed at professional jewellers and gemmologists, valuers and auctioneers, students and teachers of gemmology, prospective buyers of diamonds, or simply those interested in learning more about this most prized of gemstones.


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