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Fei Liu wins IJL’s first Editors Choice Award


LONDON, September 9, 2009 – Jewellery designer Fei Liu has won the first Editors Choice Award from International Jewellery London (IJL).
The award ceremony took place at the Serpentine Gallery on Sunday  September 6 and launched IJL’s annual event.
Fei received the Editors Choice award for his ring from the Whispering collection.
The Whispering ring is about femininity and glamour, forming part of a striking collection.
The essence of the Whispering collection is boldness and colour.
The three-stone ring creates both of these with dramatic form and beauty.
With entwining petal-like shapes, that twist their way from the ring to around the gemstones, this piece is given a beautiful three-dimensional feel.
The Editors Choice Award recognises and showcases leading jewellery designers who set consumer and fashion trends.

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