HRD Antwerp opens lab in Istanbul


HRD Antwerp opens lab in Istanbul

March 16, 2010 – HRD Antwerp today opened its first gemmological lab outside Antwerp in the Turkish jewellery and commercial centre of Istanbul.
The decision to open a certification laboratory for diamond jewellery in Istanbul was clear-cut given its status as one of the world’s major jewellery hubs.

Announced at the Istanbul Jewellery Show, the decision is also in line with HRD Antwerp’s strategy of creating links between Antwerp, as a global diamond centre, and diamond jewellery hubs overseas.
The Istanbul lab will provide on-the-spot diamond jewellery certification services to Turkish jewellers.

By providing jewellery purchasers with an independent, objective analysis of jewellery items, HRD Antwerp also aims to boost customer confidence in Turkish jewellery.
Turkish jewellery manufacturers will benefit from being able to receive jewellery reports from the local lab with a minimum waiting time and no overseas shipment costs.

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