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BASELWORLD: IDI launches “Welcome to Israel” marketing campaign

 BASEL, Switzerland, March 25, 2011 – The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) has launched its 2011 marketing campaign “Welcome to Israel” and said that during the year it would be opening a new office in Mumbai, and would be expanding its participation in trade shows, especially in India and Hong Kong.
India is a fast-growing market for diamonds and has a dynamic diamond processing industry.
IDI is working toward establishing a rough diamond sourcing group in Israel due to the difficulties its members face in obtaining new supplies, Eli Avidar, IDI Managing Director, said in an address to IDI’s annual press lunch at BASELWORLD.
Avidar launched a new iPhone application for the diamond industry.
The app, which works on iPads as well, was developed by the IDI portal and offers news and information. It allows users to conduct business from anywhere in the world.
The free app offers real-time updates of diamond needs and enables users to respond instantly.
Companies can upload their diamond requirements via the Israel Diamond Institute portal, and dealers wishing to supply those diamonds can contact the relevant company via the application.
The iPhone application also features a directory of Israeli diamond companies, banks and gemological labs, which can be contacted directly from the iPhone.
Avidar said the recovery in the diamond market since the global financial crisis, had bolstered sentiment among trade participants at BASELWORLD.
“This year there is a feeling of optimism in Basel and in the diamond industry as a whole,” he said.
He said that most of Israel’s leading diamond companies saw their exports increase by over 50 percent in 2010, and that they were on their way to reaching pre-crisis export levels.
BASELWORLD runs to March 31, 2011.