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IDI Portal Launches “DGM” Gemstone of the Month Project

Ramat Gan, October 28, 2009 – The portal site of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI) is launching a special project “Diamond and Gemstones of the Month (DGM)” to feature diamond jewellery that is based on the stones that correspond to the months of the year.
The portal is inviting jewellery designers from around the world to design a set of jewellery pieces that combines the gemstone of the month with diamonds.
Each month the IDI portal will feature three sets of jewellery adorned with the gemstone of that month.
The IDI portal site is one of the Internet’s most popular diamond and jewellery sites, with close to 130,000 entries per month and 1,200,000 pages read.
The portal, which appears in English, Hebrew, Chinese and Russian, has a devoted following amongst the diamond and gemstone industry, including jewellery producers, buyers and collectors.
By publishing their designs on the IDI portal, participating designers will receive free international publicity for their original jewellery designs.
The designers are invited to submit designs that are colourful, innovative and original, that are rendered either by hand or by computer.

The pieces are not to be produced, only designed, and high resolution photos of the designs must be submitted.
The designer’s rights will remain the sole property of the designer. If interest in the design is submitted to the portal, IDI will forward contact details to the designer for further direct connection.
IDI will not use the designs in any commercial way except publishing them on the portal and related articles in magazines and publications.
The project is a joint effort by the IDI portal and the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum (HODM) in Ramat Gan, and is being coordinated by Yehuda Kassif – Art Director and Curator of the museum.
Yehuda Kassif said, “We have found that gemstones of the month or birthstones are very popular in diamond, gem and jewellery websites. Indeed, birthstones have been popular in Europe since the mid 15th century.
The IDI portal wishes to take a different approach to this subject, and rather than just publishing information about gemstones of the month has added a creative twist.
We believe that this will encourage jewellery designs that incorporate the gemstones and diamonds, and that it will bring increased traffic to the portal site.”

At the end of the year the Gemstone of the Month project will be culminated with an exhibition of posters of all of the designs at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum.
The Gemstones of the Month stipulated by IDI are as follows:
January                       Garnet
February                     Amethyst
March                         Aquamarine or Bloodstone
April                            Diamond or Sapphire
May                            Emerald or Agate
June                            Moonstone of Alexandrite
July                             Ruby or Onyx
August                         Peridot or Carnelian
September                   Sapphire or Zircon
October                       Opal or Tourmaline
November                    Topaz or Citrine
December                    Turquoise, Blue Topaz or Tanzanite.