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 IJL and Adaptive team up to launch ecommerce sites

March 2, 2011 – International Jewellery London has teamed up with internet marketing agency Adaptive to offer retailers or designers the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win the design of a new ecommerce site.
A new winner will be announced for each month leading up to the show, from March onwards, with the final winner being announced at the show. This will mean that several of the websites will officially be launched at IJL (4th-7th September).
This initiative is set to provide a boost for all of the seven winning businesses, at a time when the retail environment is evolving and many consumers are purchasing products online or at least researching trends and products before shopping in-store.
“Over the last decade, the internet’s share of consumer spending has risen consistently year on year, something that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future,” said Markus Goess-Saurau, Director of Marketing at Adaptive.
International Jewellery London provides a real boost for the UK jewellery industry each year, and this prize draw is an original idea which will provide ecommerce platforms for a host of designers or brands.
“All companies should be thinking about having a presence online and if you want some top tips on ecommerce, social media or marketing your brand online, come to IJL as we are genuinely committed to making sure our visitors and exhibitors develop their businesses as much as possible,” said IJL Event Manager Sam Willoughby.
The prize draw can be entered via the IJL website and it is open to anyone with a product to retail: “By and large, the growth in internet sales has been driven by the big retail brands and pure online players.
“This doesn’t mean smaller players can’t compete but it does mean that the bar has been raised significantly over the last two or three years.  Online retailers now need much more than the ability to facilitate online transactions.
“The benchmark is the best, and the best is only a single click away. Website visitors are an impatient and unforgiving lot. If you don’t deliver exactly what they want, quickly and easily, they’ll go somewhere else,” stated Markus Goess-Saurau, Director of Marketing at Adaptive.