ICA to Host Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference in Tucson


ICA to Host Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference in Tucson

NEW YORK, December 5, 2009 – The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) said the Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference (GILC) will return to Tucson in 2010.
For more than a decade the ICA has organized GILC in various parts of the world, bringing top industry leaders together to present research findings and discuss gemological and (certification or laboratory) issues relevant to the trade and  the consumers.
The GILC, an invitation-only event, will be held on February 1, 2010, in the Tucson Convention Center.
Each subject on the following agenda will be briefly introduced by an industry expert with a short presentation and will be open for discussion.

1. Andesine: controversies on origins, treatments and disclosures : Introduction by Dr. Ahmadjan Abduriyim of Gemmological Association of All Japan (GAAJ)
2. Update on emerald treatments, detection and laboratory reports: Introduction by Dr. Lore Kiefert of Gubelin Gem Lab
3. Nomenclature for lead glass filled corundum: Introduction by Christopher P. Smith, President of American Gemological Laboratories
4. Ethical Mining, trade and laboratory issues: Introduction by Jean Claude Michelou, ICA Vice President The discussions will focus on looking for acceptable solutions related to all topics on the agenda and will be open for follow up conducted by working groups.

The Chairman of GILC, Sushil Goyal, said a report of the discussion and outcomes of GILC in Tucson will be shared with the international gem and jewellery industry. Progress and results of the working groups will be reported in the same manner.