Exports of jewellery made in Italy, precious metals prices, bank Intesa Sanpaolo, Club degli Orafi Italia


Italy 2010 jewel export value jumps 27 percent – report

MILAN, May 15, 2011 – Exports of jewellery made in Italy jumped 27 percent by value to 4.58 billion euros last year due to the impact of rising precious metals prices, a joint report by bank Intesa Sanpaolo and industry body Club degli Orafi Italia showed.
Italy, the world’s biggest jewellery exporter and the top manufacturer in Europe, has seen its share of the global market decline in the past few years due to heightened competition from countries such as China, India and Turkey.
Total sales of Italian jewellery in 2010 rose 18 percent to 6.58 billion euros after a 16.5 percent fall in 2009, when export sales fell 24 percent in value, hit by the global economic crisis.

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