Hannah Martin wins Mastercut Diamond Jubilee Competition


Hannah Martin wins Mastercut Diamond Jubilee Competition

April, 2012 – The winner of The Mastercut Diamond Jubilee Design Competition is Hannah Martin for ‘Ring of Fire’.
The competition’s goal is to foster creative talent and entrants were encouraged to let their imaginations soar, and then translate this into an innovative piece of diamond jewellery, which will contain 20 sparkling Mastercut diamonds, valued at over 20,000 pounds.
Hannah Martin wins Mastercut Diamond Jubilee Competition

Hannah Martin
Speaking about the inspiration behind the winning design, Hannah Martin said, “For me the diamond is really about longevity and a mark of commitment, which the Royal Jubilee is celebrating. The ring was designed with strength in mind and is also symbolic of the longevity and solidity of the reign of the Queen, and her commitment to a lifelong career.
“The idea behind the piece was to create a twist on the idea of diamonds as a symbol of eternal love.
“The diamonds form an eternal circle on top of the finger but are set within hard-edged, sculptural forms – inspired by architecture and the heavy machinery used in mining diamonds.
“I wanted to create a piece that represented the strength and passion in the stones and the emotions that are tied up in them. When you are wearing the ring it should
feel like a symbol of power – burning on your finger.”
Mastercut diamonds have 89 facets, 32 more than a traditional round brilliant diamond. The diamond is cut with a unique star pattern that can be seen in the stone,
which gives it phenomenal brilliance and beauty.
Hannah Martin wins Mastercut Diamond Jubilee Competition
Mastercut Diamond jewellery is only available within independent retail jewellers in the UK and Ireland who are members of The Company of Master Jewellers.
The winning design is to be manufactured by Mastercut Diamond and will be exhibited during London Jewellery Week and The CMJ Summer Trade event in August and at the
IJL Show in London in September, as well as touring the country to be exhibited at selected stockists of Mastercut Diamond.


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