Milus to present precision watch at Baselworld 2010


Milus to present precision watch at Baselworld 2010

Milus Tirion

February 19, 2009 – At Baselworld 2010, watchmaker Milus will present the TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde, a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.
After two years of intensive development, the company is launching this prestige watch as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Even today, manufacturing a minute repetition remains one of the major technical challenges in the art of watchmaking.

Designed to indicate the time during the dark night-time hours, the minute repetition can, on demand, announce the hours, quarter-hours and minutes with a harmonious sound within the tiny dimensions of a wristwatch.
Pureness of tone and fullness of sound are the challenges faced by the experts.

Technical expertise

For Milus, the launch of the TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde represents a significant step.
Over 400 individual parts of the clockwork movement are put together in excess of more than 140 hours of meticulous work by watchmakers of the highest reputation.
Each component is decorated by hand and is tested repeatedly beforehand in terms of form and composition in order to optimise the sound quality and the functional precision of the watch.

The aim is to create an unforgettable sound, a highly personal acoustic signature which reflects the extraordinary language of form of the watches from this traditional company.
The two steel hammers of the striking mechanism positioned on stainless steel bearings create a deep tone for the hours when triggering the minute repetition, a high and deep double strike for the quarter-hours and a high tone for the minutes.
precision watch
This is achieved by the hammers creating vibrations of the two gongs wound around the movement.
To ensure a pure sound, the gongs must not touch one another.
They are produced from a special steel alloy and connected to the same base.
The major challenge for the experienced experts is the adjustment.
The length of the gongs as well as the securing of the base to the bottom plate must be adjusted to the desired “a” and “c sharp” notes in several steps.

The uniquely curved minute-rack of the calibre has also been turned around and enlarged to achieve greater precision and pureness of tone.
The Milus TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde is equipped with a push-piece at 9 o’clock with engraved clef.

The flywheel, which regulates the striking rhythm and guarantees perfect time, can be observed through the sapphire viewing glass on the back of the watch.
With its double complication and a power reserve of 90 hours, the Milus TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde represents a technical milestone for the company.

The movement base of the Milus TIRION Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde is circular-grained, the bridges are finished with a sunray pattern and the steel parts are high-gloss polished with zinc in the traditional way.
The hand-sewn strap in finest alligator leather rounds off the harmonious appearance of this watch.