Platinum has bright prospects in China, India – PGI


BASEL, Switzerland, March 27, 2011 – The rapidly growing economies of China and India will create exciting opportunities for platinum jewellery in 2011, says Platinum Guild International (PGI).

 Platinum Guild International press dinner at BASELWORLD 2011
Platinum Guild International press dinner at BASELWORLD 2011

“2011 continues to present strong opportunities for platinum within the jewellery sector,” James Courage, CEO of PGI, said in prepared remarks delivered at a press dinner at BASELWORLD on March 26.

“The expanding economies of markets such as China and India enable new consumers to afford platinum jewellery, with demand and aspiration further stimulated at the higher end, often through specialist designers and the international jewellery brands, which have shown strong global recovery, including in Europe.”

Courage said the growing desire for men’s jewellery presented an additional opportunity for platinum in India, with further interest driven by the high end watch market in Asia.

“The significance consumers attach to love and commitment continues.  As consumers look to platinum to celebrate their love and future together, bridal and relationship jewellery remain a key driver for platinum across all PGI markets: whether the traditional engagement or wedding ring in Japan, the USA or Europe, the growing desire for Platinum Love Bands in India, or the increasing role of platinum in China’s wedding market.”