PGI to stimulate demand for platinum chain


LONDON, July 5, 2009 – Platinum Guild International (PGI) is launching a comprehensive database of chain manufacturers engaged in the production of platinum chains and findings.

PGI to stimulate demand for platinum chainAvailable online, the Platinum Chains Catalogue offers a resource to jewellery retailers internationally facilitating opportunities between suppliers and those looking for chain resources in platinum.
is the worldwide marketing body for platinum jewellery.

According to James Courage, CEO of PGI, “Platinum today presents opportunities that have not been available to the jewellery industry for some time – attractive prices and a low premium over other precious metals.

This has led to an increased demand for platinum jewellery and a new opportunity for platinum chains in China and Japan, the two largest markets for platinum jewellery.  Platinum chains are also gaining momentum in the USA and other markets.

PGI to stimulate demand for platinum chain“We know that excellent producers of platinum chain exist throughout the world; equally that there is strong demand – getting the two parties together is the challenge this Platinum Chains Catalogue aims to resolve,  thus generating an opportunity for increased platinum sales for everyone involved.”

The catalogue highlights platinum manufacturers in the UK, China, Japan, USA, India, Italy, Germany and France, supplying machine-made chain, hand-finished chain and fastenings and semi-finished products (not exclusively for chains).