PureJewels to be title sponsor at Asian Wedding Exhibition


LONDON, December 2009 – Retailer PureJewels will be the official headline sponsor at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in London in 2010.

“PureJewels presents Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010” will be the key logo carried by advertising for the event.
“The Asian Wedding Exhibition caters for our target audience of 24-35 year old young professionals, who are of marriageable age,” said PureJewels brand manager Jayant Raniga.
“Although there is a focus on Asia, the event is open to anyone who likes South Asian style.”

The Asian Wedding Exhibition, which takes place at Alexandra Palace in north London, has expanded markedly from its inaugural show in 1993, which attracted 3,000 visitors. Since then the show has grown over consecutive years and attracted some 8,000 to 10,000 visitors over two days in 2009.

The Asian Wedding Exhibition is more than just a show – it is an experience. The event attracts a mixture of people – engaged, single, married, Asian and non-Asian. From exciting fashion shows, skilled henna and beauty artists, creative photographers and designers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“PureJewels’ core products are bridal rings,” Raniga said. “The Asian Wedding Exhibition gives us a first introduction to bridal customers.”
PureJewels will present six engagement and wedding ring collections at the Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2010 – Passion, Honesty, Grace, Virtue, Honour, and Adoration.
PureJewels is a Platinum Guild Recommended Retailer for 2009/10, and a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths.