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Rapaport New York to Tender 43,000 carats of Polished Diamonds

New York, September 2, 2009 – Rapaport New York is tendering auction over 43,000 carats of polished diamonds this week.
The tender auction was being held from August 31 until September 3.
Rapaport Tender Auctions is a competitive auction based marketplace for members of the international diamond trade including cutters, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
Sizes and qualities range from -2.5 sieve plate assortments to certified 3ct+ stones.  Viewing is by appointment only.
“The large quantities and wide variety of merchandise offered attract competitive bids from a broad range of local and international buyers,” said Ezriel Rapaport, Director of Global Trading for the Rapaport Group.
Additional 2009 Tender Auctions will be held on the following dates:
November 16 – 19
December 7 – 10

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