William & Son showcases Perpetual Moon from Moser


William & Son showcases Perpetual Moon from Moser

William & Son
LONDON, December 12, 2010 – Luxury goods emporium William & Son is stocking the only Perpetual Moon from Moser wristwatch in the UK, distinguished for the accuracy of its moon phase display.

“This watch has a very accurate depiction of the moon phase as you would see it in the sky,” William & Son’s watches expert Paul Westwater told Jewellery Outlook.
“Unlike most moon phase watches, the moon phase is constantly moving – hence the name Perpetual Moon. Most moon phase watches would click once per day, therefore giving an approximation rather than an accurate description of the moon phase.”

The watch has a 41 mm-diameter platinum case, with a graduated blue dial going from very dark blue to lighter blue in the centre, highly polished hands and hour markers, and a curved back, which means it lies comfortably on the wrist. It has a high-quality crocodile strap.

This watch could be worn on most occasions, Westwater said.
“The nice blue dial gives it quite a casual look. For business purposes also it is fine – it is a classic looking watch.”
The Perpetual Moon from Moser is available from William & Son for 22,200 pounds.