Next edition of GemGenève will take place from May 5th to 8th 2022 at Palexpo, Hall 7


From Thursday 5th May to Sunday 8th May, GemGenève opens the doors to its fourth edition at Palexpo. 

The meeting of gemmology and jewellery professionals and enthusiasts remains faithful to its exclusive recipe: created by exhibitors for exhibitors and open to the general public, this show offers a unique platform for expression dedicated to the world of coloured stones, exceptional diamonds, pearls, antique and contemporary jewellery, prestigious designers and emerging talents.

The promise? A genuine laboratory of creativity. A guaranteed immersion in the heart of different jewellery trades. A high-level educational programme. And of course, the wealth of human interaction offered by an in-person show like GemGenève.


GemGenève represents a unique hub where jewellery designers, exhibitors, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both professional and private can all gather under the same roof to share their passion.

The programme for the 2022 show will include lectures, round tables, seminars and a range of innovative ideas and displays. The Preview, in the presence of local authorities, VIPs and the media will take place on Wednesday 4 May 2022.

Founded in 2018 by Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, GemGenève is an unparalleled opportunity to be inspired, over the course of four days, by a community of professionals, designers, collectors and aficionados of gemmology and jewellery.

Thomas Faerber

Thomas Faerber

Passion, expertise and education will once more be at the heart of 2022’s show, with an ambitious programme put together by a small, dedicated team, eager to offer both visitors and exhibitors a pleasant experience.

‘We attach the same importance to precious stones, to jewellery and its design as we do to creating a real sense of togetherness that brings together the international community of gemstone and antique jewellery dealers, designers and jewellery fans.’

Thomas Faerber, co-founder of GemGenève

The 2022 programme

Once again, the 2022 event will be a showcase for a range of distinguished exhibitors. In 2021, they were 120 all told, coming from over 15 countries, as diverse in personality as in the pieces on display. All these exhibitors are full partners and key players in this show, conceived and designed with them in mind. Together they offer an impressive variety of pieces to discover and acquire: ranging from affordable jewellery for everyday wear via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic items, not to mention contemporary creations.

GemGenève is always motivated by the desire to champion the interests of the exhibitors, who have come from all over the world. GemGenève has taken every possible step to make their visit as easy as possible, offering them a turnkey service for their booth and the best possible experience in welcoming them to the exhibition and ensuring they receive the best comfort and hospitality.

Inspired by creative exchange and artistic partnerships, GemGenève also helps to further the growth of the industry, with the central aim of promoting the future of jewellery and the world of precious stones, in Switzerland and across the globe.

GemGenève aims to be an inspirational event, inviting its visitors to discover new trends and showcasing innovative ideas and methods, thanks to the expertise of its guests, who will take it in turn to host a variety of workshops and conferences throughout the duration of the show. Combining the past with the present and the future, unlocking creativity in all its forms and offering a high-quality educational programme are all priorities of the event.

Ronny Totah

Ronny Totah

Emerging talents

GemGenève is a true launchpad for the new generation of creators and jewellery makers, encouraging aspiring designers. The area, ‘Emerging Talents’, dedicated to rising stars in the field, offers the younger generation space to exhibit and unprecedented exposure.

Intensified collaboration with schools

GemGenève’s partnerships with different schools of art, jewellery and other educational institutions linked to this professional sector are testament to the event’s fundamental desire to ensure that passion is passed on from generation to generation.

Conferences and seminars

GemGenève’s conferences will offer its visitors an unprecedented vision of gemmology and jewellery, allowing them to meet renowned experts in their field and to gain access to insider knowledge. In 2021, GemGenève underlined its pioneering spirit and role as custodian of jewellery history by organising a series of round-table discussions on the source, identification and traceability of precious stones, in partnership with the Gemmologie et Francophonie association, conferences dedicated to Art Deco Jewellery with the Ecole des Arts Joailliers (School of Jewellery Arts) and presentations dedicated to emblematic figures like Aldo Cipullo and Marina B with the participation of recognised specialists and historians. GemGenève is a genuine centre for all in the sector to meet and exchange ideas: this year it will be continuing its mission and hopes to provide an even bigger platform for all the players in the world of jewellery in 2022.

The Eye of Jewelry

Digital magazine and luxury online shop The Eye of Jewelry @theeyeofjewelry, set up by Eleonor Picciotto, showcases all the latest trends in the jewellery industry. New collection launches, explanations of techniques and tools used in the prestige and fine jewellery sector, the editorial line gives an overview of the jewellery industry and offers around a hundred luxury products for sale from more than 400 brands. Eleonor Picciotto will present her recent favourites at GemGenève.

Estelle Lagarde (gouache artist)

Talented Estelle Lagarde @lagardejewelrydrawing takes part in the GemGenève fair for the first time and at this edition she presents her most beautiful gouache of Prestige Jewellery at a live demonstration. The French designer brings to life jewellery and watches from the most prestigious companies, using gouache, an art which demands precision and patience, mastered by the artist. Estelle Lagarde co-founded LAGARDE JEWELRY in 2020 and there she also offers professional online training to transmit her expertise

Digital updates ‘live from the show’

Partnerships with influencers will be strengthened in 2022, with a view to offering a wider audience a unique experience, via daily mini-broadcasts ‘live from the show’.


With its campaign Feel & Find – at the very core of its values and activities – GemGenève invites visitors to take a deep dive into a whole universe of passionate communication and exchange. This show, unprecedented in its kind, offers visitors the opportunity to discover exceptional jewels – to touch them, feel them and be dazzled by the beauty and perfection radiating from every piece. It also gives visitors the chance to compare notes, to learn from highly qualified professionals and receive personally tailored advice, and even to make a fully informed spontaneous purchase on the spot, if the right piece is there at the right time! Now more than ever, the world needs to reconnect to essential values. The richness of human interaction that a show such as GemGenève can offer restored to its rightful place, where it can be experienced fully.


Established in 2018 by two Geneva dealers in jewels and precious stones, Ronny Totah and Thomas Faerber, GemGenève was conceived and devised by exhibitors, for exhibitors. This show, unprecedented in the sector, is open to the public and brings together a remarkable community, including dealers in precious stones, diamonds, pearls and jewellery, gemmological laboratories, manufacturers, specialist bookshops, experts and historians. Hosting professional buyers, collectors, jewellery-lovers and media from around the world, GemGenève 2021 counted more than 2’757 visits for its third show. In 2022, its calendar coincides with Geneva’s spring auctions. Far more than a trade fair for industry professionals, GemGenève is a creative laboratory without borders. “Our efforts have been overwhelmingly rewarded by the positive resonance and reception of the show. GemGenève was born out of a market need, a hitherto unexploited opportunity, which has spelled its success”, underlines Ronny Totah.

‘With GemGenève, we are sharing and communicating our knowledge. We’re committed to spreading the word and heightening awareness in the public – informed or otherwise –, to encouraging new generations to learn and discover new things. We’re simply spreading our passion for the world of jewellery and precious stones.’

Ida Faerber and Nadège Totah, of GemGenève