Nivoda launches Customer Facing Mode to aid virtual selling


B2B diamond marketplace, Nivoda, has upgraded its virtual memo tool, known as Customer Facing Mode, to support brick-and-mortar jewellers in making the move to virtual sales.

Nivoda launches

Brick-and-mortar retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with online retailers, due to limited access to diamonds and non-competitive pricing. 

Nivoda is helping the industry address this problem through its upgraded virtual memo tool, where retailers can sell the very best priced diamonds from around the world, leading to the highest possible margins and conversion rates. The new tool helps retailers run a virtual and inventory-less sales process through its web app and newly created iPad or Android app in store.

Retailers are able to show Nivoda’s full global inventory of over 1.5 million diamonds to their customers in their own branded experience and include their own pricing markups. Together with the CZ sales kit, Nivoda is helping retailers all over the world run a virtual sales process.

David Sutton, CEO of Nivoda, said, “When we look at what will happen in the coming years, we see that brick-and-mortar and online jewellers’ business models will converge and become more alike.

Online retailers are often opening showrooms to provide in person consultations, while brick-and-mortar retailers are looking to expand their customer reach beyond the city they are in.

Nivoda has developed a “white label” solution for retailers to help them broaden their reach in terms of selling to people around the world, whilst buying the very best priced diamonds from the global selection.” 

Customer Facing Mode is completely free to set up and use for Nivoda customers. 

You can find out more about Nivoda and Customer Facing Mode here.