Nivoda reports threefold increase in revenue in 2021


B2B diamond marketplace Nivoda has reported a sharp increase in its growth in the last 12 months after tripling its revenue compared to 2020. 

After reaching the milestone of listing 1,000,000 diamonds in October 2021, Nivoda ended the year with over 1.2 million stones listed on the platform with a combined value of over $3 billion. The last year has enabled Nivoda to expand and diversify its portfolio with a 194% increase in the number of stones sold in 2021 compared to the previous period. 

Not only has their revenue increased but Nivoda has also tripled its workforce in the last year after starting 2021 with 35 employees and now reaching over 100 members of staff located around the world.


These statistics show just how quickly Nivoda is growing as a diamond purchasing platform and becoming the partner of choice for hundreds of businesses. 

Nivoda combines the ability to search for and purchase natural, lab-grown and melee diamonds with an operational team that tends to the entire delivery process from A to Z. It offers online retailers, brick and mortar jewellers and wholesalers the ability to accelerate their business growth by increasing sales whilst removing the operational burden of sourcing diamonds. 

You can find out more about Nivoda on their website.