Royds solicitors, IJL join forces on intellectual property rights


LONDON, June 6, 2010 – City solicitors Royds LLP together with the International Jewellery London (“IJL”) event have created a new initiative; “Promoting Intellectual Property Rights” (PIPR™) – which will be launched at the IJL 2010 trade show at Earl’s Court on 5-8th September 2010.

The initiative will be welcome in the jewellery and fashion accessories business where original design is highly prized and particularly in need of protection. PIPR™ will highlight the value of intellectual property rights and provide a visual warning to would-be copiers of designs that IJL will not condone any form of infringing conduct at its shows. Exhibitors and visitors alike will be comforted by the pro-active stance adopted by the exhibition organisers at IJL, and the fact that specialist copyright lawyers are involved.

As well as collaborating with IJL in PIPR™, lawyers from Royds intellectual property unit attend the exhibition to provide on-the-spot advice to members of its client organisation British Jewellers’ Association under the successful “COPYWATCH” scheme. Royds’ lawyers seek to resolve any issues quickly and commercially through discussion to avoid litigation which should only be seen as a last resort.

PIPR™ will be promoted at the trade show and on materials sent to exhibitors and to visitors to raise awareness that intellectual property theft will not be tolerated.
Stephen Welfare, Head of Intellectual Property at Royds said: “The jewellery sector has many small and growing businesses which rely heavily on their designs and intellectual property rights for commercial success. The PIPR™ initiative reassures them that they can protect their IP rights and that their investment in design is recognised and valued by the show organisers”.

Sam Willoughby, Event Manager for International Jewellery London, said: “We see honest business practice as fundamental to any effective market – and IJL is no different. As well as raising awareness and promoting PIPR™ before, during and after the exhibition we will enshrine the principles in all future editions of IJL”.