Over 120 exhibitors to join GemGenève from November 4-7


The hosts of GemGenève, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah, have said GemGenève’s 2021 show will indeed take place at Palexpo from 4 to 7 November, 2021.

This year’s event, appropriately named The Challenging Edition, will feature over 120 exhibitors, who have confirmed their participation.

To meet the challenges posed by the current sanitary situation, the show, which targets an international clientele, has been reduced in size.

The upcoming exhibition although more intimate than the previous 2019 edition, retains all of its spirit and panache.

The hosts are very pleased by the renewed enthusiasm of their exhibitors.

They view this as the confirmation that independent and family enterprises are eager to reconnect with the tradition of in-person shows.

In order to deliver to exhibitors and visitors the best possible experience, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah will offer a smooth running of the fair as well as maximum sanitary safety.

picture of GemGenève

Archive picture of GemGenève

Thomas Faerber says: ‘From July onwards, following the uncertainties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ronny Totah and I have been exploring a number of different scenarios, from putting on a mini-event in a Geneva hotel to a more reduced version of the original GemGenève, and we even considered postponing the event.’

Ronny Totah adds: ‘The palpable enthusiasm of our exhibitors pushed us to put together this new 2021 edition of the show in record time – given that the final decision to go ahead with the show in its current form was taken on 20 September!’

The small-scale structure of GemGenève indeed ensures that the show can be attentive to its exhibitors’ needs and means that it can be responsive enough to be able to address these kinds of challenges. 

Featuring most prominently at the show – numerically, at least! – will be a range of Swiss and American exhibitors, followed by others from Israel, Germany and Belgium. Other participants will include professionals from the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Thailand, Austria, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Japan.

The 2021 show will bring together a distinguished set of exhibitors. They are the true ambassadors for GemGenève. This year, they will be over 120, from 15 countries, as diverse in personality as in the pieces on display.

All these exhibitors are full partners and key players in this show, conceived and designed with them in mind. Together they offer an impressive variety of treasures to discover and acquire: ranging from affordable jewellery for everyday wear via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic items, contemporary creations and not to mention diamonds, a wide selection of precious stones and pearls. 

GemGenève is driven by the desire to champion the interests of its exhibitors, who come from all over the world. GemGenève has taken every possible step to make their visit as convenient as possible, offering a turnkey service for their booth and the best possible experience in welcoming them to the exhibition and ensuring they receive the hospitality they deserve.