INTERVIEW – Pandemic will accelerate digitized trade in Brazilian coloured gemstones, top dealer says


The pandemic is accelerating the digitization of coloured gemstone trading, creating new opportunities for the huge variety of stones from Brazil, Manuela Soares of gem trading company ArtOuro & Gemas, who is also Brazil’s ambassador for digital trading platform Gembridge, told Jewellery Outlook Editor David Brough.

Manuela, how did you come to be involved in the world of gemstone trading?

I am the third generation of a traditional gem dealers’ family in Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil. My city is one of the most important trading centres of coloured gems in the world. My parents started the company in 1986 and I am in charge now with my mother. Brazil is one of the largest producers of coloured precious stones, in both quantity and variety.

The pandemic has changed the ways in which people live and work – and in how they trade in gemstones. You are an ambassador for the digital trading platform Gembridge in Brazil. How will your new role change the way in which you trade gemstones?

We began the digitization of our business five years ago. The pandemic accelerated this trend for gems and jewellery because of the cancellation of the gem shows. When I decided to become ambassador, I did so because I believe that Gembridge’s model is the best for the gem trade: based on trust, security, and ideal for cross-border transactions. Gembridge promotes more business, manages counterparty risks and reduces transaction costs. The main products that ArtOuro & Gemas offer are tourmalines, aquamarines, paraibas and rubellites.Tourmalines



How is the trade in coloured gemstones evolving in Brazil, and what is the outlook for the export of Brazilian gemstones?

Brazil is one of the most important suppliers of coloured gemstones.Paraibas



Because of the cancellation of the gem fairs, companies have had to start changing their business models, and shifting online. But this is not easy! It requires new skills and investments. Gembridge allows companies to make this transition with confidence and at low cost.Manuela Soares