Paola De Luca’s Futurist joins forces with RJC to bring virtual courses on sustainability to jewellery designers


The Futurist, a creative intelligence agency led by luxury analyst Paola De Luca, is delighted to announce its collaboration with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) to deliver three complimentary course programmes about sustainability, recycling and responsible materials management to jewellery designers around the world.

The webinar modules, endorsed by the RJC, the world’s leading standards-setting organisation for the jewellery industry, will be given by Paola and will take place on October 20, November 3 and November 24, 2021.

the futurist

CIBJO, World Jewellery Confederation has endorsed the modules.

The courses will cover areas relevant to designers such as how to create a sustainable and responsibly managed supply chain of metals, gemstones and other materials; recycling; re-purposing; re-design of products and services; “circular design” and the circular economy; applying the three pillars of sustainability – people, planet and profits – to more conscientious and responsible jewellery design; and case studies of jewellery design inspirations for the sustainably minded consumer.

The programme will also cover ground such as supporting heritage and culture by helping artisans cultivate crafts, and developing hybrid designs using natural and laboratory made materials.

The courses, which will receive a certificate of completion from the RJC, will encourage designers to join the RJC community.

Paola De Luca’s Futurist joins forces with RJC to bring virtual courses on sustainability to jewellery designers

“The Millennial and Gen Z jewellery consumer is demanding ever higher standards and responsible supply chains,” Paola said.

“These courses are designed to present to jewellery designers the steps they should take to meet the new demands of sustainability in a circular economy where recycling and responsible materials management are essential.

“The Futurist aims to inspire designers by ‘doing the right thing’: taking responsibility by creating a circular vision as a movement that dramatically makes a change in the jewellery industry and other sectors.”

Paola De Luca

Paola De Luca

Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director of the RJC, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Futurist and CIBJO, World Jewellery Confederation on the sustainability courses especially targeted to designers. Education is critical to advance the sustainability agenda.“Designers are the future of creativity, and we look forward to building a strong programme to help them integrate sustainability at the core of their concept thinking and business strategy.”

To register for the course programme, please click on the following links for each module:

Module 01: The Sustainable Vision –
* Wed 20 October 2021
o 12:00pm BST / 13:00pm CET

Module 02: Circular Vision –
* Wed 3 November 2021
o 12:00pm GMT/ 13:00pm CET

Module 03: Design for the Future –
* Wed 24 November 2021
o 12:00pm GMT/ 13:00pm CET

For more information, please contact 

[email protected]