PDLG Creative Intelligence connects designers, manufacturers with consumers


PDLG Creative Intelligence connects designers, manufacturers with consumers

Paola De Luca has established PDLG Creative Intelligence to connect designers and manufacturers to shifting consumer tastes as design directions evolve. Her team brings extensive experience in design strategy and creative research and analysis to the benefit of a growing international client portfolio.

Paola De Luca, best known for her trends seminars at international jewellery fairs, speaks to Jewellery Outlook about the services that PDLG Creative Intelligence offers to clients.

Q: What is special and distinctive about the quality of services that PDLG Creative Intelligence can offer to the international jewellery trade?

PDL: With over 20 years of international experience in Creative Intelligence, I have consolidated a team of professionals and a value-added service approach at PDLG Creative Intelligence. Our aim is to bridge manufacturers and retailers with consumers in the jewellery and luxury sphere: connecting designers to evolving market needs, and telling stories that resonate with consumers. We bring an international perspective to companies at a time when global awareness is vital for success.
PDLG Creative Intelligence

Q: Design Strategy and Style Direction is a core area of your business. What types of projects in this field can you offer to potential clients?

PDL: Design strategy is a discipline that starts with research, analysis, and ultimately is about design direction. We are in the business of addressing what the consumer wants, while developing a market identity for our client, and creating story-telling products. We offer creative services and educational programmes to our clients to improve skills and instill inspiration from the information that we bring from around the world. Workshops, thinktanks, design sessions, and collections analysis. The world of jewellery trends and creativity comes to you with PDLG Creative Intelligence.
PDLG Creative Intelligence

Q:  Are you planning to use video to benefit your clients? How would you use video?

PDL: We have been developing creative video, helping our clients speak to their audience by telling stories. Our speciality is Trends and Products. We are working to develop our skills in producing short films and videos showing the connection between real life and where market trends begin. My goal is to show how in real life we can find the seeds that transform into product trends. We wish to share with our clients what is behind the scenes in the luxury sector today. Trends come from the streets, not the catwalks.
PDLG Creative Intelligence

Q:   What competitive advantage do you have over other consultancies that offer similar services?

PDL: We provide creative intelligence, while delivering a pragmatic approach to business. We transfer this methodology to our clients. Our creative directions are gleaned from market research and analysis. Educated creativity versus impulse: companies cannot afford to make mistakes – not even for one season.  Our strengths are our experience, passion, and our drive for excellence. Our clients stay with us season after season. We become silent partners of our illustrious clients.
PDLG Creative Intelligence

Q:  Paola, you are perhaps best known in the industry for your work as the leading style direction expert at Vicenza fair and for your leadership of TRENDVISION and your pioneering of the Vicenza fair-backed Trend Books. How has this experience benefited you?

PDL: My first trend report was published for Uno A Erre in 1992 when I was based in New York under the direction of Massimo Brandigi, who had just left Prada and gave me the inspiration to embark on Forecasting. His idea was to create trends reports in order to deliver successful strategies for products, communication campaigns and distribution. In 2002 I founded TJF Group with CRU Group of London, and soon afterwards I published my first Trend Book, and managed TJF Magazine.

PDLG Creative Intelligence
Forecasting has been with me for much of my life. I became involved with TRENDVISION at Vicenza fair in 2011, thanks to the fair’s Managing Director, Corrado Facco, who has a vision for Change and the Future. My dream came true when I took jewellery business forecasting mainstream, offering seminars and workshops at jewellery trade fairs. In 2012 we launched the first Trends area ever at a fine jewellery show. The jewellery sector has only become aware in recent years of consumer trends and style directions.

In 2013 the TRENDVISION team created three Trends areas: at the Hong Kong fair in March, at the Vicenza show in May, and Luxury Las Vegas in June. TRENDVISION brings a new vision and business approach to trade shows, revealing the relationship between concepts and products. I feel privileged to be associated with Vicenza fair and TRENDVISION.


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