PERSONALITY PROFILE – Dr. Daniel Langer is a leading expert in luxury brand building


By Anjum Cave

Équité founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Langer is one of the world’s most renowned experts in luxury brand building and value creation in a digitally disrupted world.

He has won awards for his work with brands in Europe, Asia and the USA. With his team, he consults some of the world’s most admired luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands and is an advisor to top managers in the luxury industry.

An area of critical importance that Équité highlights is that of Digital Leadership and Digital Competitive Advantage. Business strategy needs to include a much greater focus on brand positioning, brand storytelling, and an integral utilisation and critical leveraging of Artificial Intelligence and data.

Dr Daniel Langer delivers masterclasses and tailor-made seminars which provide insights into navigating a new world order of discerning luxury consumers.

He has published two books, “Luxury Marketing and Management” and “Luxury Essentials”, and he writes columns on the future of luxury in Jing Daily and South China Morning Post. He has been featured in leading publications including the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Economist, and Robb Report.

Équité can assist jewellery businesses by optimizing their luxury strategy from brand positioning, experience optimization, luxury pricing, and the deployment of some of the most technologically advanced artificial intelligence systems to map and track consumer insight and sentiment in real time.

Dr Daniel Langer can be contacted at [email protected]

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Dr Daniel Lange
Dr Daniel Lange