PERSONALITY PROFILE – “Gemstone detective” author Kim Rix provides top tips for buying gemstones


By Anjum Cave

Well-known in the jewellery industry for her Gemstone Detective series of books, gemmologist, photographer and author Kim Rix gives hot tips and “buyer beware” advice to travellers shopping for gems around the world.

Sharing knowledge and experience is important to Kim so the series entitled “Buying Gemstones and Jewellery” provides invaluable advice and guidance for travellers and tourists purchasing gemstones.

So far, the series has covered Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Australia and the USA. Soon to be published are Great Britain and Myanmar (Burma).

Kim also organises educational tours for novice gem collectors and jewellery enthusiasts. These were halted during the pandemic, but Kim is planning to restart them once restrictions ease and it is safe to travel.

Avoiding costly mistakes and learning about quality are some of the main features of the trips. Kim provides opportunities for the participants to practically experience the gem trade.

Kim Rix
Kim Rix


“Many people lack confidence and let their fear of losing money stop them from having a go,” Kim says.

“I’m there to help them throughout the process. When they get home, they’ll feel proud of their achievement.”

Kim’s passion for gemstones emerged at an early age and her first fixation was on amethyst, her birthstone.

In her pursuit of a deeper understanding of gems, Kim studied at the GIA and travelled extensively to major gem-producing regions and international trade shows for first-hand experience.

Her expertise is sought after at major industry events and she contributes to Gemmology Today, published by the World Gem Foundation.

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