PERSONALITY PROFILE – Influencer Abeer Tawfeeq Al-Alawi showcases Bahraini natural pearls


By Anjum Cave

Abeer Tawfeeq Al-Alawi is a leading natural pearl specialist in Bahrain.

Abeer’s curiosity for natural pearls was nurtured as a child. Abeer’s family recognised in her the potential for a huge contribution in the field. Abeer’s drive and determination led her to study overseas in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium, and undertake specialist studies in gemmology, including at Gem-A and GIA.

She has played a significant part in raising the profile of the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (Danat). Today, Danat is the globally trusted gemmological laboratory of choice for natural pearl testing and education. As Abeer’s former senior role at Danat was that of Executive Director of Operations, she was one of a number of guardians entrusted with preserving the heritage of the Bahraini natural pearling industry.

Today, through Instagram, Abeer is taking another fresh and interesting pathway to showcase the Bahraini pearling industry for posterity.

She is an inspiring pearl opinion leader and other renowned gemmologists are taking notice of what Abeer has to say. Her Instagram posts introduce prominent personalities and examples of spectacular natural pearl jewellery attributed to Bahrain.

Abeer Tawfeeq Al-Alawi
Abeer Tawfeeq Al-Alawi

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