PERSONALITY PROFILE – Jenni Wiltz writes about royal history, strong women and fabulous jewels


By Anjum Cave

Jenni Wiltz is an American writer who tells stories about fascinating aristocratic and royal women and their tiaras.

“It’s like Drunk History meets The Crown,” she says.

In her essay ‘A Brief History of the Kokoshnik Tiara’, Jenni discusses the development of this style of tiara, inspired by a halo-shaped headdress worn by Russian women.

“Kokoshniks really caught on in the mid-to-late 19th century, after jewellers adopted this traditional shape to make tiaras for the Russian imperial family,” she wrote.

Jenni recognised early on her talent for writing. She studied English and history and started writing seriously in her late 20s.

However, it was recently in her 40s that Jenni started work on profiling the stories of strong aristocratic and royal women and their love of magnificent jewellery.

Jenni Wiltz, American Writer