Platinum Guild announces Platinum Design Award winners at Baselworld 2009


Platinum Guild announces Platinum Design Award winners at Baselworld 2009

BASEL, March 28 2009 – Italian, German and Japanese designers won the new Platinum Design Awards at Baselworld 2009, Platinum Guild International said.

Italian manufacturer Picchiotti won an award for platinum bridal jewellery for their solitaire engagement ring with a combination of brown, yellow and white diamonds from the Unique Bridal Collection.

Spider’s webs crafted into a platinum necklace, a bracelet and earrings won Kuwayama Japan a Platinum Design Award for the “platinum jewellery inspired by Nature” category.
Around the world this year, jewellery designers have drawn inspiration from the natural world. The versatility of platinum allows jewellery to take on the shape of drops, stars, planets, animals and floral designs with an explosion of shapes, lights and lines that are powerful and evocative.

(From left) Mr. Junya Osada from Kuwayama Cooperation, Mrs. Maria Carola Picchiotti representing Picchiotti, Mrs. Edith Krieger representing Krieger Fine Jewellery, and Mr. Mitch Yoshida from Kuwayama Cooperation.

The final category award, “platinum jewellery for men”, was presented to German manufacturer, Hans D. Krieger, for their sword-shaped platinum pendant with white and fancy diamonds on platinum chain.

The design competition gave exhibiting Baselworld designers the opportunity to showcase their most distinguished platinum pieces.

The awards were adjudicated by an international panel of visiting journalists.
Developed by PGI, the Basel Platinum Design Awards are part of Platinum Guild International’s ongoing commitment to raising awareness and desire for platinum jewellery.