Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients


Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients

By David Brough


Piat is a Paris-based supplier of responsibly sourced natural coloured gemstones and is highly respected for delivering superbly cut gemstones to Place Vendome high jewellery brands and other top-level clients.

PARIS, February 2019 – Piat will offer specially-tailored events to clients in 2019 to communicate the maison’s exceptional gemstone expertise in a hospitable setting.

Piat also offers gem cutting courses.

The events proposed by Piat are a sharing of the maison’s knowledge and expertise, and can include conferences, for example about gem-cutting, with a questions-and-answers session afterwards.

Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients

Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients

Piat will listen to suggestions from clients about new events which would incorporate the gem house’s knowledge.

Piat can personalise organised events, say with a theme or a type of gemstone that particularly interests a client.

This is an exclusive service offered to the client by Piat.

The events can take place in Piat’s training room on Rue de la Paix, or in a jeweller’s boutique, an investment bank, in the salon of a hotel, in France or abroad.

The company can provide canapes and drinks to make the experience more convivial and to encourage networking.

Piat prefers a ‘short event’ format. It should be very hospitable — and easy to set up overseas as it involves few materials.

A new focus of events from September 2019 will be ethics and the traceability of coloured stones.

Here are two examples of the type of events that Piat offers:

1.    Client: an investment bank.

Participants: the best clients of the bank and prospects. Around 60 people.
Duration: three hours.

Piat has had various workshops staged in a hotel.

Piat has explained the difficulties of cutting certain gemstones, such as emeralds, and has demonstrated cutting machines. The idea was to immerse the participants in a cutting room and to give them information about the work involved in cutting gems.

2.    Client: a jewellery maison

Participants: High level clients. Around 30.

Duration: one hour.

These events have had a conference format, focused on investment gemstones, with a Power Point demonstration lasting 30 minutes, followed by a questions-and-answers session lasting 15 minutes. Some gems were shown on the screen to complete the demonstration. The event took place in one of the rooms of the jewellery house.

Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients


Piat also delivers authoritative, engaging and insightful gem cutting courses to clients at its Rue de la Paix headquarters.

For the cutting of precious stones, there are two levels in the courses: Level 1 Lapidary: the excellence of working by hand. Duration: 12 hours. And Level 2 Recutting. Duration: 12 hours

These courses take place in the Training Room at Piat’s headquarters with all the necessary materials.

There is a maximum of three participants in a convivial atmosphere; snacks, anecdotes and storytelling.

Participants are solely from the trade, buyers for jewellery houses, designers etc.

It is also possible to arrange specially-tailored courses at the request of the client for a particular occasion. Twelve to 15 people can take part, and on average a course lasts three hours.

Who directs the courses?

Emmanuel Piat, third generation lapidary, gives courses on gemstones and cutting.
He inherited the family passion for gems.

His father Daniel Piat is one of the founders of the gemmology diploma.

Appointed as a judicial expert in 2011, Emmanuel takes an active part in international coloured gemstone associations.

An engineer at heart, he has developed various patents used in jewellery.

Over decades he became a key partner of French and international high-jewellery houses.
He makes the courses and events entertaining and delivers experienced insight that makes them exceptional.



Piat to offer gem-focused events to clients