Platinum Guild International Leads Innovation with the Launch of PlatinumABC


Platinum Guild International (PGI), the leading platinum marketing organization, has announced the launch of a brand new platform on Youtube – PlatinumABC, an integrated arena for different sectors within the jewellery industry to share novel and important ideas and practices.

This allows various voices and messages from industry experts to share their knowledge through the creation of videos. The aim is to drive awareness and innovation around the future of platinum in the jewellery industry, improve the production process and influence the business ecosystem.

With the platform’s content focusing on ideas that are specific to the jewellery industry, the target audience of PlatinumABC will primarily be specialists such as manufacturers and designers, additionally aiming to reach technology and design innovators.

The contribution of new and relevant ideas in the industry aims to influence the way platinum jewellery is designed and made, while making information regarding emerging trends unprecedentedly accessible.

PlatinumABC offers a series of videos on design and tech trends and interviews with industry leaders, including precious metal 3D printing technology and platinum jewellery trend reports amongst young consumers.

Through sharing design trends, reviewing the manufacturing process, participating in offline workshops and a series of other activities, the platform provides inspirations for creativity, and explores new R&D capacities that lead the ways for platinum jewellery development.

Platinum Guild International Leads Innovation with the Launch of PlatinumABC

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Huw Daniel, CEO from PGI said, “We are very excited about the opportunity that PlatinumABC presents. By connecting contemporary elements from technology, manufacturing and design, we have the potential to accelerate the growth of the platinum jewellery industry by digitally incubating noteworthy ideas and practices in the field.

“PlatinumABC hopes to bring together all the creative minds and people who love and work with platinum, so that the community can continuously share past experiences and innovate into the future.”

Tai Wong, Director of Innovation and Product Development said, “We are extremely excited to work with international experts to incubate novel ideas and innovate technologies for the development of platinum jewellery.

“We feel strongly that it is a duty and responsibility for PGI to consolidate and share past knowledge, and build a community of experts to nurture future platinum innovations. PlatinumABC is looking forward to opening up opportunities for all platinum lovers and creative minds.”