Polished diamonds with De Beers Group Industry Services grading reports stocked in the UK


Josyfon becomes UK-based stockist

LONDON, September 28, 2019 – Josyfon, a third-generation diamond wholesaler based in London’s historic Hatton Garden, has become the first UK-based diamond dealer to stock loose polished diamonds bearing De Beers Group Industry Services grading reports.

Focusing on diamonds that are 0.70ct-2cts, D-J colour and VS-SI clarity, Josyfon will now offer a recognisable and reputable alternative to other grading reports currently available, putting the focus back onto the diamond and the jeweller’s ability to convey their enduring appeal to customers. De Beers
De Beers Group Industry Services only grades natural and untreated diamonds in its state-of-the-art laboratories in the UK near London, Antwerp and Surat. Grading standards are published and available to download from the De Beers Group Industry Services website at www.debeersgroupservices.com.

Jonathan Kendall, President of De Beers Group Industry Services, said: “Although our reports are new to the UK industry, the De Beers Group name is not, and our reports come with over 120 years of diamond knowledge and experience. Introducing grading from a name that the public recognises is an amazing opportunity for retailers to engage with their consumers.”

Bruce Josyfon, said: “With more than a century of experience, the third generation of Josyfon are delighted to be the first UK diamond merchants to stock polished diamonds with grading certificates from De Beers Group Industry Services. Josyfon looks forward to further establishing our highly respected reputation for quality and excellence with this collaboration.”

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