Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich


Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich

LISBON, November 2016 – The Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association (AORP) has launched an international campaign to promote Portuguese Jewellery worldwide.

Starring the model and actress Milla Jovovich, the campaign exalts its core values: the luxurious materials, the perfect technique, the creative design.

According to Ana Freitas, President of AORP, “This is the golden moment of Portuguese Jewellery. Being one of the most traditional sectors in Portugal, Portuguese Jewellery is experiencing a period of renewal, growth and affirmation in the international context. This campaign aims to encourage and support the internationalization of our brands and to position Portugal as a premium producer.”
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich With a successful career in fashion and cinema, Milla Jovovich is known for her roles in “The Fifth Element” (1997), “Ultraviolet” (2006) and “Resident Evil”. In January 2017, she will debut the new movie, “Resident Evil: Final Chapter.” She is also a fashion designer and singer.

Fátima Santos, Secretary-General of AORP, justifies the choice: “Our goal is that the campaign has the greatest impact on a global scale. Milla Jovovich fits perfectly the profile we were looking for and her involvement with the campaign was complete. The photo shoot was in Porto and she was delighted with our country and of course with our jewellery.“

The production is 100% Portuguese. “We’ve put together a young, talented and internationally recognized team, that demonstrate how Portugal is making a statement in the fashion world at all levels,” adds Fátima Santos.

The campaign is part of a strategy to encourage internationalization of Portuguese Jewellery. It includes TV, print and online media and also in promotional events in strategic markets.

With global coverage, the campaign also highlights six national brands which reflect the new phase of Portuguese Jewellery: Eleutério, Leitão & Irmão, Luísa Rosas, Mimata, Monseo e Rare Jewellery.

Images and video of Portuguese Jewellery – Shaped with Love campaign here:

About the six brands selected to represent Portuguese Jewellery:


The story of Eleuterio is closely linked to the history of Portuguese Jewellery. Founded in 1925 by Eleuterio Antunes, in northern Portugal, a region known for strong and ancient craft traditions in jewellery, it has always been dedicated to the ancient art of filigree, a technique made with fine gold thread.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich Today the grandchildren of the founder – Rosa and Luis Antunes – true to the family tradition, continue to keep alive the work of its artisans. All the jewels have gained a new aesthetic through new designs and new combinations of gold and diamonds and a high standard of quality and workmanship.

The richness of the design of Filigree allows Eleuterio to present collections with a strong design personality. Either an aesthetic facing nature, very flowery and feminine or classic revisited models, shapes that remind us of our history, our traditions.

Leitão & Irmão Joalheiros

Founded in Porto at the end of the XVIII century, Casa Leitão was named goldsmiths of the Imperial House of Brazil in 1873 and jewellers to the Portuguese Crown in 1887.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich The nomination of the Portuguese Crown Jewellers takes Casa Leitão Porto to Lisbon, near the Court, where it establishes a “modern” goldsmith workshop that remains in operation today.

With stores in Chiado, Bairro Alto Hotel Ritz House, represents character and quality, keeping the traditional processes constantly updated and using the most modern techniques of design and manufacturing.

It is also a reference for customized pieces, including engagement rings, cutlery, tableware and others, as well as maintenance and restoration. These services, portrayed by an experienced team, where knowledge passes from generation to generation reaffirming its character, are the distinguishing feature of Leitão & Irmão.

Luísa Rosas

Luísa Rosas comes from a family from the north of Portugal, with great goldsmithing tradition. Her proximity to the jewellery world and the tools used by master goldsmiths infused her creative spirit. The area of expertise, which gave structure to Luísa Rosas’s vocation, was architecture, an area she still works in, juggling it with the creation of high jewellery pieces. Her inspiration was born from the symbiosis of these two worlds, but also from her natural taste for lighter forms and experimentalism.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich Jewellery design is not only a natural inheritance but also an inevitable way to see the world, a consequence of her ability to perceive patterns, movements and textures.

This creative aptitude proved to be decisive in her very personal way of observing the shapes inspired by Nature, rationalizing, simplifying, geometrizing and building pieces of sheer creativity and expression.


Mimata is a compound name that relates to pamper and delight. It is a treat we give to ourselves or to someone in our affections. Inspired by the stars and by iconic places in the history of modern society, Mimata’s design is based on the relationship and symbolism between these elements. People look to the sky as a mirror of dreams.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich Mimata was founded in the beginning of 2009 by Joana Mieiro. Having majored in design at Aveiro University, with a master in Art in Design by Creative Academy_ Richemont School, Joana refined her artistic sensitivity at the Helsinki Summer School, and at Central Saint Martins in London. She did internships at Jaeger LeCoultre, in Switzerland, and at the Atelier Mourão, in Rio de Janeiro.


Monseo seeks to bring new forms to fine jewellery to the contemporary scene. Respecting history and tradition, Monseo distinguishes itself by its contemporary designs, its approach to high end crafts, techniques and materials and the exclusive production of unique pieces or limited edition series. Each jewel is a small work of art: it reveals its very essence, a profound sense of timeless beauty. Monseo jewels for perfect moments.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich Monseo is a fine jewellery brand from a jeweller’s family company founded in Porto in 1972. Monseo acquired leading position in the Portuguese jewellery market, through the exemplary work of the company. Now in its third generation, the company has developed a consistent path that reflects the commitment to the concept of the brand and its products.

The portfolio of the brand shows different artistic influences from Art Deco, Modern Art and Minimalism. Monseo collections are the result of a great passion for the mastery of jewellery, and so they stand out by their bespoke and handmade processes and are known to have jewellery pieces with unusual and rare coloured gemstones. The brand owns a flagship store in Porto and is available through several points of sale in Portugal, the USA and the UAE.

Creative direction: Diana Vieira da Silva. Diana had very early contact with the passion of her grandfather and her parents in the business and developed a growing interest in the art of jewellery through her education. She studied architecture both in Porto and Venezia and completed her MA at the Faculty of Architecture in Porto. Diana Vieira da Silva seeks to articulate Monseo DNA with new designs. She designed several iconic collections which highlight the Portuguese Story, Secret Garden and Exotica as well as Limited Edition series and bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Rare Jewellery 

It was the passion for the unique and the unusual that moved Isaias Lima in defining his career. It all started in the late 70s, when he opened his own watchmaking business and sometime later, his first jewellery store.
Portuguese Jewellery launches international campaign with Milla Jovovich Regularly visiting auctions and collecting rare jewels, strengthened his knowledge and passion for jewellery and diamonds. It is precisely to address this niche market that he decided to buy a traditional jewellery brand – Belmiro Neves and Children S.A.

Rare is specialized in the reproduction of ancient Portuguese jewellery. Created by the hands of experienced craftsmen, each piece presents unique values: the luxuriousness of the technique, the timelessness of design and the dedication employed in every detail.